What is the Crown Chakra?

What is the Crown Chakra? Learn about the crown chakra and the main causes for blockages of this chakra in this informative blog by Sarah Petruno, Shamana. www.earthenergyhealings.com

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

The 7th chakra, the crown chakra, is the last of the 7 main chakras.  This chakra acts a channel, or a portal, of Divine Light and Information coming in, and through it, flows the energy of the other chakras. Divine in, physical world out. This chakra is the seat of our connection with All That Is, the Divine Creator, Source, the Universe, the Spiritual Realm - where, as humans in the physical world, we connect with those existing upward.  If you are a lightworker, a healer, or any intuitive, it is through the crown chakra that Divine Energy and Information enters your physical body to manifest inwardly, or outwardly.  In opening your crown chakra, you are opening your connection to all of those that exist in the Light - your Guides, your Loved Ones, and your Angels.  This chakra is located at the very top of our heads, projecting upward, into the skies above.  It is unique in that it resonates with two colors - purple, and white.  The purple represents the color of the Iris, a flower with three primary petals, representing, you in your physical  body, your Higher Self (or Spirit, or Soul), and your connection with the Divine. The color white, is representative of the crown chakra because this is the combination of all colors, just as the crown chakra is the culmination and combination of all chakras.   

The crown, is indeed, the least common of all chakras to obtain blockages. Because all energy from the chakras does, at some point, exit the body through the crown, this gateway inevitably does remain open through a near constant flow, in both directions. On top of that, all of us, on some level, hold onto a small amount of spirituality. Most humans, regardless of religion, sex, socioeconomic status, race, orientation, or culture, do believe, and hope, that something greater than us exists, whatever that is for each person.   No matter how small this thread of hope and belief is,  its existence allows for the inward flow of Divine Light, most of the time.  

What is the Crown Chakra? Learn about the crown chakra and the main causes for blockages of this chakra in this informative blog by Sarah Petruno, Shamana. www.earthenergyhealings.com

Most of us want to believe that there is a power that is greater than us. Many of us do believe, wholeheartedly, that there is a being, group of beings, realm, or world, that exists above and beyond our physical existence here on earth. All people have the ability to connect with this realm, should they desire. And many already do - in so many different ways - in religious contexts, as mediums, as intuitive healers, as clairvoyant psychics, and reiki practitioners, as monks, as yogis, and as meditation enthusiasts - if what you do, is considered spiritual, in any context, you are connecting with this Realm of the Light.   

And this, is where blockages arise.

It arises with inklings of self-doubt, that you do not have this ability or are not worthy of this ability. That sure, your priest, your pastor, your rabbi, your medium, or your healer, can connect with individuals that exist in this Realm - God, Angels, Jesus, Spirit Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones, and harness this Divine Light and Information  - the belief that you do not have this ability, can in fact, hamper your connection and development and strengthening of your ability.   

Let’s say you do firmly and confidently believe that you have the ability to connect with the Divine (of course you do, we all do!), but maybe, you have been comparing your ability to the intuitive individual sitting next to you. You say, sure, I can do this - but my connection is not as strong, or not as clear, or not as powerful, as this guy right here. This sizing up, and one-upping, also, causes a crown chakra blockage.   

All of our connections are equally as strong.  No one is more spiritual than the next - the only thing that differs here is the trust and belief in your OWN connection.   

Of course, we have different areas in which we specialize and focus our connection and manifestation of Divine Light - just as we have different specialties, and strengths in our skills on earth. But if you are really good at crocheting, and the person sitting next to you is really good at computer programming- who’s to say that your goodness level, in each of your respective specialities, is not equal?  No one - it’s not comparable. You’re both good at what you do, and no one is trying to make you a skilled computer programmer. You’re amazing at crocheting, focus on that - and take pride in your excellence. Your skills are equally as strong, just as your connection to Divine is equally as strong as the next person.  It might be different, that’s all.   

Self doubt and lack in self confidence in ability to connect with the Divine are two main causes of crown chakra blockages.  

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Crown chakra blockages are infrequently placed by another individual, but it can happen, and this usually appears as a hand over the top of the head, or a hat placed on the top of the head. The reason for this is that someone else, is desiring for you not to develop your spiritual connection, or for you to temporarily “not be spiritual.” Often times, this occurs if you have grown up with a strict religious upbringing, and you are now desiring to open up to your spiritual gifts in a way that would be frowned upon by your upbringing. Your upbringing, or a person in it, may be energetically preventing you from developing your Divine connection. Additionally, if you have someone in your circle of interaction that happens to be skeptic, or a competitive psychic, this person may temporarily place a cap over your head, preventing you from accessing Spiritual Light during your interactions with them.   

In a future post, I will review methods and techniques for releasing and healing crown chakra blockages, on your own. Until then, remind yourself that you are not only worthy of receiving Divine Information, you are deserving, capable, and grateful to receive it. We all have a crown chakra, and we all have the ability to connect upward, and in doing so, elevating our Spirit, lifted by Divine Light.   

With light on your journey,


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