Herbs to Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Herbs to Improve Your Psychic Abilities http://www.earthenergyhealings.com/

Are you having a psychic block?  Are you looking to improve your clairvoyance with herbs?  Do you need to become grounded with the energy of the earth?

Plants have a wonderful way of fortifying our connection with energetic realms not of our own.  Inherently they are able to boost your energy to bring it closer to those of Spirit, Loved Ones, and Angels. Since the beginning of time plants and humans have united together.  We have evolved with one another to work cooperatively.

All plants have this capability, however there are some that can be more effective than others.  In this post I will list some of my favorite herbs to improve your psychic abilities.  

Ginger Root, the antenna herb for psychic abilities.  Find more at  "Herbs to Improve Your Psychic Abilities" http://www.earthenergyhealings.com/

Ginger - Ginger turns your body into a conduit through which spirit energy is able to flow.  It warms the body and makes it visible to those trying to connect from the other side.  A great thing about ginger is that it has a multitude of uses and is delicious.  Fresh ginger root doesn’t last long in our house because I throw it into just about any preparation.  Syrup, Banana Bread, any meat dish, it is pretty much great in everything.  I like to use ginger in combination with other herbs.  Even though it makes your body into an antenna to receive spirit messages, it doesn’t necessarily prepare you to process them, which leads me to. . . 

Gotu Kola - I like to use this herb in conjunction with ginger.  Gotu Kola prepares your mind to be able to decipher the messages you are receiving.  The information that you get from spirit is overwhelmingly powerful.  Gotu Kola allows your brain to handle the immense load, process it, and send it to where it needs to go to be manifested.  

Wood Betony - Once a message comes to you and has been processed by the brain it is sent to your clairaudient or clairvoyant centers (maybe both) to manifest with you.  This is when you will hear or see the message.  Wood Betony strengthens the throat chakra and clears your channel to receive.

Ginkgo - Ginkgo works in a similar fashion to wood betony however it deals specifically in your clairvoyant center, where you will see the message.  This herb will allow the image to be very clear and lucid.  

Skullcap - You may be receiving, hearing and seeing messages but if your mind is not at ease you may not be capable of separating out the actual message that is delivered with that of the messages from your own ego.  Skullcap puts your mind at rest and lets the information flow organically and the messages to be understood as they are intended.  Having too active of a mind while connecting to spirit will devolve into poor communication back and forth, not receiving your messages properly.

In addition to all of the herbs above I recommend using elder leaf, flowers, and berries in connecting with spirits of the earth like fairies and gnomes.

Of course there can be many different causes for a poor connection to the spirit realm.  All the chakras are infinitely important in establishing a healthy transmission back and forth, Sarah has written a series of blog posts on the 7 chakras, that can be very helpful in allowing you to identify problems and blockages within the system, and heal them.  I have also formulated chakra teas intended to help strengthen, clear blockages, and heal in each specific area,  if you are specifically looking to enhance your psychic abilities, I suggest the crown chakra blend and the third eye blend to start.  Herbs are inherently looking to work with you on improving your psychic abilities and have a host of other benefits.  Through becoming close with the herbs I work with my connection to divine energy and messages has grown immensely.  Respect and admiration for these plants will jump start your journey into unworldly realms.

Thanks for reading.


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Tom Petruno is an herbalist that draws on his connection with Spirit, and background in biology and ecology to provide individually tailored herbal recommendations and blends.  He enjoys sharing his love for and knowledge of the Plant Realm through writing blog posts.  Book a consultation with Tom or try one of his herbal blends to begin your herbal healing journey.   

Disclaimer:   The information presented in this post is for educational reference and is not to take the place of consultation, diagnosis, treatment and care by a healthcare professional.   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Consult your doctor if you believe your health is at risk.


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